Download Cisco Network Magic Pro 5.0.82

Network Magic Pro provides do-it-yourself tools to help you set up, manage & secure your network like an IT professional.With Network Magic Pro you can skip the tech support phone calls, online forums & high priced onsite consultants.

With point-and-click ease, you can:

* Connect your devices together in minutes

* Share Internet connections, printers & files

* Protect your network with enhanced WPA security capabilities & status alerts

* Repair your network & Internet connections to stay online & productive

* Control access to the internet & track online activity with remote desktop screenshots

An enhanced interface and new in-product wizards streamline networking tasks, taking the guesswork & effort out of getting connected, monitoring activity & repairing your network

Easily connects all of the devices you use in your daily life; computers, printers, cameras & game consoles to your wireless or broadband network

"Go Wireless" helps you connect your computers & devices to a secure network

Connect Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices to your network, allowing you to easily back up your data Eliminate the need to email yourself to get access to files or print documents from different computers Add protection to your network with wireless protection (encryption support for WPA), enabling you to lock out intruders.Plus, easily change your router password in Network Magic instead of having to log-in to your router administration utility.

Gives parents the ability to monitor their kids' online activity. Restrict Internet access and take

real-time desktop screenshots to track websites visited & programs used, providing peace of mind & a safer online experience.

View detailed activity reports for each pc on your network; informing you of web sites

visited, software application used, & devices added or removed.Test your Internet speed so you can be aware of service or performance issues.Proactively monitors & informs you of your network's activity & health, giving you advice on how to resolve issues & improve your online experience.Quickly troubleshoot, pinpoint, & repair Internet connection problems

generate a seamless network across Windows, XP, Vista & Mac so you can easily share printers & files across all of your computers.

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