Download Windows Server 2003 MCSE Simulator.

The Windows Server 2003 Simulator gives you the most realistic & sophisticated Windows Server 2003 simulation device on the market today.MCSE Lab Simulation program offers rich, full-scale open Microsoft Windows Server 2003 simulations that allow users to view & practice network configuration & troubleshooting, & create the necessary skills for the scenario-based MCSE exams, even if they don't have access to a network or program.Open simulations for Microsoft Windows are critical to the training method. They replicate a real network method & let students execute the same job they can perform on the real method.Open simulations allows MCSE students discover various answers for completing a task, & view the outcome of specific actions. Students learn through trial & error instead of being taught through specific instructions. In addition, feedback at the end of each simulation task notifies the user to what was finished successfully & what was not.Windows Server 2003 video demonstrations are designed to show students how to execute certain tasks using clearly defined steps. These videos are powerful instructional tools when combined with MCSE open simulation exercises.
These Windows Server scenarios require you to think through a difficult computing or administration problem. they are designed to help Microsoft MCSE students improve their troubleshooting skills.

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