RHCE Linux study guide Exam RH302.

With hundreds of practice questions & hands-on exercises, RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide, Fifth Edition covers what you need to know--and shows you how to prepare--for this challenging exam.
100% complete coverage of all objectives for exam RH302
Exam Readiness Checklist at the front of the book--you're ready for the exam when all objectives on the list are checked off
Inside the Exam sections in every chapter highlight key exam topics covered
Real-world exercises modeled after hands-on exam scenarios
four complete lab-based exams simulate the format, tone, topics, & difficulty of the real exam
Covers all RH302 exam topics, including:
Hardware installation & configuration
The boot process
Linux filesystem administration
Package management & Kickstart
User & group administration
method administration tools
Kernel services & configuration
Apache & Squid
Network file sharing services (NFS, FTP, & Samba)
Domain Name technique (DNS)
E-mail (servers & clients)
Extended web Services Daemon (xinetd), the Secure package, & DHCP
The X Window technique
Firewalls, SELinux, & troubleshooting
Table of contents
Chapter 1 - RHCE Prerequisites
Chapter 2 - Hardware & Installation
Chapter 3 - The Boot Process
Chapter 4 - Linux Filesystem Administration
Chapter 5 - Package Management
Chapter 6 - User Administration
Chapter 7 - technique Administration Tools
Chapter 8 – Kernal Services & Configuration
Chapter 9 - The HTTP Service
Chapter 10 - Network File Sharing Services
Chapter 11 - Domain Name Service
Chapter 12 - Electronic Mail
Chapter 13 - Other Networking Services
Chapter 14 - The X Window System
Chapter 15 - Securing Services
Chapter 16 - Troubleshooting

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